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These are my shows..

You can have them for clubs, teathers, festival and private events.


Treni a Vapore

A journey through the Italian modern songs (Giorgio Gaber, Luigi Tenco, Pino Daniele, Lucio Dalla, Samuele Bersani, Fabio Concato ), some oldest song dating back to the ’50s and also some original.

The songs are revisited with original arrangements in jazz and bossa nova style, with instrumental and vocalĀ  improvisation.

Max Monno: guitars
Serena Fortebraccio: vocal
Massimo Moriconi: double-bass
Massimo Manzi: drums

Gaetano Partipilo: alto sax


Brasil 2015

A tribute to Brazilian music through the magical Sergio Mendes’s repertoire of Brasil ’66: classics of samba and bossa nova, performed by great musicians in an overwhelming flavor of the 60s.

With this show we opened Beat Onto Jazz Festival 2015.
This CD was approved by Sergio Mendes itself.

Max Monno: chitarre
Francesca Leone: vocals
Pippo Lombardo: piano
Gianluca Fraccalvieri: bass
Fabio delle Foglie: drums

Very special guest:
Fabrizio Bosso: trumpet and fligelhorn

Marco Giuliani: add vocals and backgrounds
Francesco Lomangino: flute
Enzo Falco: percussions
Pentasamba Choir

We can perform this show from quintet to the most numerous group in the case of location that can receive it, for an increasingly immersive and enthralling spectacle.

Max Monno Jazz Quartet

Instrumental jazz quartet which proposes sonorities between the West Coast and hard bop; songs by Gerry Mulligan, Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans and originals too.

Max Monno: guitar
Onofrio Paciulli: piano
Gianpaolo Chiarella: double bass
Fabio delle Foglie: drums

Quattordicetto Cetra

A tribute to the famous Italian vocal group Quartetto Cetra, who has gone through 50 years of music including radio, television, film and theater, winking at overseas rhythms, from swing to Cuban music to twist.

The project, consisting of a choir of 14 elements plus jazz rhythm section, was heard and approved personally by Lucia Mannucci and Virgilio Savona, historical members of the Quartet.

You will hear the sizzling rewriting for choir (by Gabriella Schiavone, former founder of Faraualla) of the vocal harmonies of the quartet, as well as the rewriting for jazz quartet (work of Max Monno) of the orchestral arrangements by great Gorni Kramer.

Gabriella Schiavone: avocal arrangements, direction
Max Monno: guitar, banjo, group arrangements and conduction
Onofrio Paciulli: piano
Gianluca Fraccalvieri: bass
Fabio delle Foglie: drums
Pentagramma Choir: (14 elements)

We can perform this, on request, also with the only rhythmic accompaniment of guitar, in case of location that for reasons of logistics space can not accommodate all the rhythm section.

Pentagramma Guitar
Jazz Orchestra

The orchestra was founded in 2000 in the music school Il Pentagramma in Bari.

The idea is to play classic jazz in a big band lineup; but the brass are replaced by guitars, almost an unique idea in the history of jazz.

The Orchestra resumes activity in 2010 with a new collective and new arrangements.

Max Monno: leader, conductione and arrangements
Azzurra Cuonzo: vocals
Francesco Laurora, Serena Partipilo,
Vito Mastrolonardo, Flavio Petruzzellis
: section
Francesco Martinelli: doublebass
Vincenzo de Palma: drums

De Cuba Son

De Cuba Son

This group refers to the sensual atmosphere of the Havana dance halls, through the revival of traditional Cuban classics.
From bolero to son, from rumba to chacha, in an original and unusual repertoire, even danceable, that will appeal to those who loved Buena Vista Social Club!

Francesca Leone: vocals
Guido di Leone: requinto
Max Monno: guitar
Pierluigi Balducci: doublebass
Cesare Pastanella: percussions